Shivanii Ray
Shivanii Ray
International Keynote Speaker, Coach, Singer Songwriter helping people connect with Authentic Happiness by cultivating Emotional Resilience




During her travels she was inspired by the Rich and the poor, the good & the bad, or in other words the Taj Mahal and the children in the slums and from there she created her first album at 15 called Spreading Love. “Love is such a simple concept. It doesn't cost a single dime, your life or anything at all to spread love, so there’s nothing stopping you.” The simplest thing of just exchanging smiles with someone can change someone's entire day/ mood. Spreading love is a pop inspirational and positive album is just reminding everyone that you can spread love wherever you are, with whomever you are with and at any given time. Love does not discriminate, love is endless.



Feb 2012, (I was 11 at the time), my family and I, took an American tour group to visit a slum in Delhi, India. . On our way there, a tour member commented about becoming emotional at what she was going to see. My dad told her and the group to simply ‘count the smiles’ they would see on the faces of the children and people in the slums, and notice the joy in their eyes. This experience became the inspiration for the song ‘Counting Smiles’, the first song I recorded and one of the featured tracks on this album... and thus began my ‘Spreading Love’ musical journey.

I was 5 when I first stepped into a recording studio to narrate a part for the song ‘One Prayer’, written by the inspirational musician, ‘Karl Anthony’. I knew at that moment, I wanted to be a singer.

I was fortunate to grow up around many inspirational speakers, attending many personal development seminars, Spiritual Living centers, Art of Living events, and Kids for Peace. All, a huge underlying inspiration for my songwriting. Today, I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to speak and sing to audiences around the world, and aspire to continue to do so.