Shivanii Ray
Shivanii Ray
International Keynote Speaker, Coach, Singer Songwriter helping people connect with Authentic Happiness by cultivating Emotional Resilience

Meet Shivanii Ray

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At just 19…

…she is an international keynote speaker, singer-songwriter, spokesperson for Kids for Peace. She’s been featured on Good Morning America and several other national and local media stations. As a speaker, she Emceed her first event at age 8 for 2500 people and has spoken at numerous entrepreneurial events even sharing the stage with the legendary Les Brown.

From 15-17 she was taught then coached attendees stage anchoring around the world in Malaysia, London, Melbourne, India and the USA, from which she developed ‘Neuro Lyrical Anchoring’. Shivanii Ray is on a mission to use her gifts of public speaking, songwriting, singing, NLP, stage anchoring to inspire and help teens and adults tune up mindset through Music, Movement, Media and the ancient science of Mantras.


Music has a universal power to affect our body, mind, heart and soul
— shivanii ray

Hi There! Its Nice to Meet You!

The Tune Up Your Mind concept was conceived by Shivanii Ray and her father Beejel Parmar, and is based on Shivanii’s experience of performing movement on stage since age 3 with her godfather, singer-songwriter Karl Anthony, singing positive music since age 4, performing on stage aged 6, speaking on stage age 8 when she first emceed an event for 2500 people, writing positive music since age 9, releasing her first album age 15.

When Shivanii was 15 she opted not to go to regular school, instead, she was chosen as one of only 3 teens to become an intern for an experiential training company that taught business skills, speaking skills and mindset through experiential game based, immersive, functional themed training. It was during this 2-year experience she learned stage anchoring, which became the forerunner of a concept/theory Shivanii calls Neuro Lyrical Anchoring (NLA), using music & certain words to trigger a mental and emotional response and related to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Following  15-17, and a year of in-depth study into emotional intelligence, conscious connection, mindset, relationships, & personality.

And despite all my experience, at that moment, my humanness, my emotions took over.
— shivanii ray

Tune Up Your Mind teaches people how to simply & strategically use music, media, mantras & movement to ‘tune’ one’s mindset into desired states.. of happiness, confidence, focus & More!

Shivanii also co-facilitated the Mantra Retreat to India with her parents and Karl Anthony from age 11 to 18. A two week immersive socially conscious experience in India with the theme of ‘Mantra’, a Sanskrit word which when translated means ‘Mind-Free’, or freeing one’s mind from negative thinking. When she was 14 she was asked to perform in front of 5000 people during the Hindu festival of “Shivratri”, which means night of Shiva, in Gujarat, India. Making her one of the youngest female non-locals to ever perform at that event.

Since she started speaking, Shivanii has spoken to audiences in the US, UK, Malaysia, India, Australia.

In 2017 she was interviewed on Good Morning America and several other news stations as the spokesperson for the Great Kindness Challenge. She has interviewed celebrities on the red carpet At the Creative Arts Emmys spreading awareness of the organization Kids for Peace and their message of spreading peace, kindness and love to others around the globe and how the ‘Performing Arts’ can truly make a difference in people’s lives.

At the Share the Change Talk where Shivanii got to share the stage with the Legendary Les Brown.

At the Share the Change Talk where Shivanii got to share the stage with the Legendary Les Brown.

The Science of NLA

Neuro Lyrical Anchoring is the process in which you can change your state of mind or mood easily using the techniques of anchoring with and through the power of music and lyrics.


Music can have a very powerful influence on our emotions, moods and behaviour. This has been recognised through the ages. Historically, it has been used for such varied purposes as singing babies to sleep, enhancing the courtship process and accompanying rites of passage through life.

Music has the power to drag you on a roller coaster of feelings Happiness, Sadness, Nostalgia, Pumped, and every emotion in between. That’s the power of music, it can take you to any state of being.    

Like when your favourite song comes on the radio you immediately get the feeling of energy, being pumped etc.. but if a sad song pops up you may likely feel drawn down. With that in mind..

…Neuro Lyrical Anchoring uses the power of music, movement and anchoring to drive positive mindset and new beliefs that have a impactful uplifting purpose to move you towards living a life with positive beliefs and mindsets.  

Anchoring in neuro-linguistic programming is a term used for the process by which you apply a gesture, touch or sound at the peak of a state, either in oneself or someone else. The said anchored state can then be recalled or re-activated by reapplying the gesture, touch or sound.

Using similar techniques learnt from practices from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) we anchoring a feeling/mindset/belief using music and lyrics that change your mindset to better you and your thought processes.